My Failed Attempt with PowerShell DSC + VMware !

The Idea:  Have a DSC Configuration for vSphere which get status of  vSwitch Security Policies like Forged transmit, Promiscuous mode and MAC address change. All 3 security settings must be set to Reject. DSC Configuration should set above 3 settings to Reject if it is not. And finally apply this configuration to all ESXi host … Continue reading My Failed Attempt with PowerShell DSC + VMware !

ESXCLI+PowerCLI: Perfect fusion for ESXi

Hello Everyone, In this post I will discuss about managing ESXi hosts using ESXCLI and PowerCLI. Yes, You got it right. ESXCLI is one of the widely used command line interface for ESXi whereas PowerCLI is a PowerShell based snap-in for VMware. ESXCLI is intended to provide a single set of commands to perform host … Continue reading ESXCLI+PowerCLI: Perfect fusion for ESXi


What is vApp? A vApp is a container object which contains set of pre-configured VMs. Applications can be packaged to run directly on top of VMware vSphere. The format of how the applications are packaged and managed is called vSphere vApp.  

Resource Pool – Part 1

"Virtualization is all about Optimization, Efficiency, Scalability and Availability!".  Resources are something which comes at a cost. No matter how much resources you have if you don't manage it well you become inefficient in your game. Hence resource management becomes key part to achieve Optimization, Efficiency, Scalability and Availability. In this post I will talk about … Continue reading Resource Pool – Part 1