Setting Up VSCode for PowerShell in 3 easy step

Recently I have switched from PowerShell ISE to VSCode for script development. I was very comfortable with PowerShell ISE except it's "intellisense" feature which used to hang my system a lot. Switching to VSCode certainly improved my development experience and gave┬áme a better tool for debugging and testing my Powershell scripts. VSCode is an open-source … Continue reading Setting Up VSCode for PowerShell in 3 easy step

ESXCLI+PowerCLI: Perfect fusion for ESXi

Hello Everyone, In this post I will discuss about managing ESXi hosts using ESXCLI and PowerCLI. Yes, You got it right. ESXCLI is one of the widely used command line interface for ESXi whereas PowerCLI is a PowerShell based snap-in for VMware. ESXCLI is intended to provide a single set of commands to perform host … Continue reading ESXCLI+PowerCLI: Perfect fusion for ESXi